Sunday, January 30, 2011

hi everyone...--Wayne here-- I would like to redirect you to another blog that my lovely wife, Patti has been keeping...Please keep Patti's mother in your thoughts as she and her family go through another trying time... If you are familiar with the Caring Bridge websites then please, mouse over and....CLICK HERE

---For those not yet familiar with Caring Bridge, It is a great web site for people to journalize and express the multitude of emotions which these traumatic times bring upon them...You will note on the right side of the web page that they ask for donations..Please keep in mind those donations requests are NOT from Magic Moments nor are they from any of the individuals who journal/blog. They are automaticaly placed there by Caring Bridge and are donations for the Caring Bridge Organization only. Please do NOT feel you need to donate in order to read the journalizing..That is definitely NOT the intended purpose. Now then, to view the journaling at Caring Bridge you can mouse over and ....CLICK HERE or above...

Thank you again...-Wayne

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