Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kickin' up her heels

Yes, this Bride and her bridal party were having fun as we always do when we are involved with your wedding day. This was even before the wedding ceremony downstairs in the dressing room. They had a great song and dance skit going here. This was a fun and relaxing day for this Bride and Groom. Keep in mind, that your wedding day should be fun and relaxing. You don't need added stress by the photographer not showing up on time and catching the FUN in the day. Your photographer has to be ready for ANY moment that may arise. With Magic Moments Photography, you have two photographers present to capture those Magic Moments that arise throughout the day. Call us for that important date!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ya meet the Nicest People ANYWHERE!

We had time to kill before coming back to our studio after a long, exciting fun week in Texas learning about a new product that we will introduce late August, so milling around the airport, we happened to run into this NEWLY ENGAGED fun couple headed off the Cancun. They had just been engaged the evening before their trip. L and JW were so excited for their trip, but most of all just fun to get to know and you could tell very much in love. Of course we offered our services to be their photographers where-ever they should get married. In fact, another lady that we met who does Mary Kay also joined us in conversation. She was a fun person to get to know. She also offered her services for make up when the day comes. We certainly shared a lot with them and feel as if they are family. I have been watching the weather in that area of the country and think of them daily because of the Hurricane in that area. They are planning a wedding for spring of 2009, We hope that all goes well for them in all of their planning. I just love meeting new people and learning about them and sharing. So L and JW, I hope you get a chance to call us upon your arrival back to the states so we can hear all about your trip, and maybe talk about your wedding date????

All of you out there, I would say that if you are planning a wedding for 2009, please don't hesitate to call, dates are booking up fast. 763-295-2727.

Keep Smiling

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where Am I?

Learning new product!!! And exciting product for you!!! I will keep you informed of the progress. All is well. Hope all is well with you!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heeeere's ERIN!!!

This young lady is with us this summer helping out in the studio, office and will attend a wedding or two with us. She has been such a wonderful addition to our studio this summer. She is very helpful, and fun to be with. In fact, this next week while Wayne and I are out of town on business, she will be taking care of business for us. I don't want to see the end of summer come, as she has been fun to be with. She is attending school in Eden Prairie for photography. She will complete her schooling next year. We wish her luck, and who knows, maybe we will be lucky to have her back next year!

Have a great week. I may Blog next week the 13th thru the 19th, but without images ... we will see. Chat later.

Keep Smiling!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Day Is Here!

It is so fun to be a part of the dressing hour before the actual time of the wedding ceremony. This beautiful bride had just finalized getting her dress on and once looked into the mirror, gave that sigh of "the day is finally here". It is a long day, but a fast day for the Bride and Groom. They worked so hard for over a year to make sure that the day is just great for themselves and their guests. We capture the beauty of what they worked so hard for. We capture the things that they never realized went on for the day. They choose us as their photographers. We, as the photographers want to help make sure the day goes smoothly for them as well as stress free. We do accomplish that. In fact when we get offered tips from the Bridal party because all went well, what does that tell you?

We are with you all day long. When you choose a photographer, make sure it IS someone you want to spend a good part of the day with. I'll tell you, we do become friends. Have a great one.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's not TOO late!, let me think...I have plenty of time to arrange all my wedding plans. Just a suggestion, think twice. It really isn't too early to plan things for a 2011 wedding. We have a Bride and Groom that we have already discussed their wedding plans (photographically) for their wedding day in 2011. So, for 2011 and especially 2010 but most importantly 2009----call if you are planning a wedding for 2009. Our dates are booking up-763-295-2727. Just to let you know, I am NOT going to photograph a wedding on 10/10/10...I will however give you a phone number to a photographer if you should need for that date. The reason I am not photographing a wedding on that date, it is my hubby's B-Day. He requested that day off. I guess I can give him the day off and treat him well. Maybe we will go on a trip utilizing our Travel Site?

Chat Soon


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Wedding Day is Just Around the Corner

You are looking at a couple who is excited for the special day to come. They wanted something outdoors to share with the ones they love. They will be making something from their engagement session to share with family, friends, neighbors, etc. How wonderful is that? They will share with everyone what we created from their session. They we fun to work with, and we are looking forward to photographing their upcoming wedding.

Welp, gonna go, gotta get myself ready for a 7:30 meeting, then get some work done in the office as we were really busy in the studio yesterday.

Chat later


Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Day!!!

Hope your 4th was safe and fun. We had a nice weekend with a wonderful couple for their wedding day. They were nice to work with. They were very loving to each other and caring which makes it fun to work with in ask them to kiss, they will over and over again. We had a great time with them. We wish them the best and I know their MANY guests wish them the best as well.

Sunday was a relaxing day for the two of us. Although we did have an engagement session in the evening with a couple that is getting married in Sept. Their schedules are hectic, so we accomodated the best we could. I will get an image to you tomorrow.

Have a nice day....we have a Senior coming in at 9 then an engagement session at 11 after that, a session with a beautiful young lady...then onto a family session mid afternoon, and then to end the day, a baseball event this evening.

Chat soon----call if you should need a session...if I don't answer, leave a message. I will contact you in between sessions.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yeah, Summer is actually here! And almost coming to a close. It has been a weird spring, with the weather not being as warm and sunny as I would like. I love the outdoors, and this little girl expresses my excitment of enjoying the outdoors (my hubby on the other hand enjoys the AC).

I enjoy the evenings being light later into the hours, and last nite I noticed it was already getting dark around 9:00pm. The reason I bring this to your attention is that if you are wanting to get that outdoor portrait done of the family or high school senior, don't wait too long as the best light for outdoor portraits is gonna come to a close before you know it. Our evenings of family, high school and event photography are pretty well booking up. We still have some great evenings available, but don't wait too long....


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes, Wedding Season under way

You guessed it...tis the busy season with weddings almost every weekend. This couple was easy to work with. They had wonderful parents as well. The day was beautiful, as was the couple. We enjoy doing wedding photography as the Bride and Groom are so willing to let us create something special for them.

We are also busy with Event photography---baseball, soccer, softball, T-Ball. So bear with me, I will hopefully touch base a couple times a week to say hi, although if you should need to contact me sooner than later for any photographic needs, please call me at 763-295-2727. Chat soon!

Keep Smiling