Thursday, August 28, 2008

Think I forgot?

Well, no. I just got carried away with the busy schedule again today. I dropped my grandsons off early today only to start my day with a Bride stopping by to put her order in from her wedding day. Now, we get to design her album since she has chosen the images she wants in her album. Her sister joined her in this process giving some suggestions to the Bride for images in her album. It was fun to see them work together. As they left, the sister said, "you'll have 3 weddings for sure in the next years". What an uplift to know that the family was happy with our work as well.
The image attached is just a special effect that had been created. Cute little girl---but busy body!!!!

The day continued with business. It was a great day. We thought we would leave today to go up North, but too much to catch up on. We want our clients happy, so thought we would get another day in with orders to submit...only to get them delivered to all of you, rather than make you wait. We will go off and enjoy the weekend with family and friends on Friday. If, and that is "IF" I can get internet access, I will keep you updated of our fun weekend planned. Take care.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Busy day from the start today. My grandsons were delivered to us early in the day so that we can play with them and just hang out as grandparents. Just taking a moment to say hi and let you know that I will be back tomorrow. We are taking the day off for them and will get right back into the swing of things (photographically) on Thursday only to take off for the weekend to be with friends and family. Take care. Oh, take time out of YOUR schedule to be with those you love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And here's Mr & Mrs B

Yep, they are now married. The day was just beautiful. If you remember Thursday and Friday being very windy-Saturday had just a slight breeze which made for a gorgeous day for everyone in attendance at the wedding which was outdoors. This is just a teaser for the Bride and Groom as they will not get all their images for a bit. All went well throughout the day. We had met them more than a year ago, and through all the chats feel as if we really have gotten to know them very well. We wish them the best of luck and lots of joy. May all their Moments be Magic.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our couple today

Today we will have the pleasure of being with this couple for an outdoor wedding. What a beautiful day it will be. The weather will be cooperative for us which makes for a great day with such a beautiful couple. They love the outdoors. They were so much fun photographing on the day of the engagement session (last year) we are looking forward to as much fun today.

Have a great day....gotta get things packed a ready for a fun-filled day.

Chat later


Friday, August 22, 2008


This is a collection of images that we created for a mother of her child this summer playing T-ball. Something extra we offer to parents other than the normal individual and team photo. We also have a new product which is a "cut-out" of the individual in action. It's awsome.

That is what is fun about this business...always trying to come up with something new and different to peak your (the clients) interest. That is why we are always reading, going to seminars or training and working with the vendors we trust...we want YOU happy.

Call for any needs..senior session dates are closing up, I think we only have a couple of early morning appointments available. The evenings are booked up. Then we really get busy with the family sessions. Those are usally only evenings because of the work hours of the parents. But then again, there are only a few good evenings available. Then of course, all of our Saturdays are booked with weddings through October. Sunday, is a day for us....our family. Remember how important family is to me?

Have a great day!!! I know I will, welp, after my upcoming dental appointment-yuck! Gotta go!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


This woman (new Bride) supports her man. Isn't this cute? Her hubby is a handsome man of at least 6 foot 3 inches and she is a beautiful little 5 foot something. The two of them will support each other thru thick and thin in lifes every challange.

Support is important. We have the support of all of the labs we work with in getting the right product for you. Our vendors work carefully with us to keep up with the latest product. We want you happy with the end product. We guarantee our product with the support of all our vendors. We don't work with vendors "here one day-gone the next". Our clients are important to us, you (our clients) support our business by sending others to us, because you're happy with the end result. Support goes all around.

Have a happy day! Go out and enjoy the State Fair!

Keep Smiling

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreamy Love

It's all about Love, Feelings, Tenderness, Caring. Can't you just see that in this image? I love to bring this out in the couples that are photographed. I get anxious for the next weekend to photograph our next Bride and Groom...waiting for that moment to capture for them. We are always ready with camera in hand, anticipating their every well as whatever else is going on around the Bride and Groom.

Last nite I attended a meeting in which vendors shared ideas and suggestions to make your special day STRESS FREE. Call us, we can do just that...we'll have FUN. Next year (2009) is booking up rapidly. Hurry!!! Call us at 763-295-2727. I already have couples interested in the same dates, and remember, we can only photograph ONE wedding event a day. Don't wait until it's too late!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Does this make you wonder?

What is going on here? This makes me ask the question. All I know is that all of a sudden, everyone was laughing...yes, even the Bride. But again, a professional photographer would be ready with the camera in hand, and capture the "moment". Weddings are an event in which we are ready with camera in hand, ready for anything that needs to be captured!!!! That, again is the beauty of two (2) photographers at your event, your special day. Please, don't be another Bride and Groom who go to the "amateur ", so called "professional photographer" who thinks they are the person that should photograph your wedding....they will only get snap-shots every now and then and not know lighting and posing and give you a CD after your wedding because they don't have a professional printing lab to get your images preserved on professional photographic paper for years to cherish. Your special day is too important to let that happen. I have had many Brides and Grooms come to me asking if we can help them get the images printed professionally after the "amateur" has captured images that truly canNOT be printed without a LOT of work to correct that what you want?

May all your Moments be Magic

Keep Smiling

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Day!

Hello there! Hope you all had a great weekend. We did. As I mentioned in my last blog, we had family time on Saturday. I "scheduled" that into my calandar a while ago to set time away for family as family (as mentioned many times) is important. As I talk about family, did you happen to read the Minneapolis Sunday paper? In the Twin Cities section-front page- was an article showing a woman walking out of her ruined home with a "FAMILY PORTRAIT" as it happened to be one of her prized possessions. She could have taken from her home other important items, but I thought it was amazing to see an image in the paper showing a person saving her most important item to save. What does that say to you? Think about it, do you have a family portrait that means so much to you that if you had a fire, or flood - what would you take first? I know that I would grab my images from the wall (3 special ones) as I know they would be very hard to reproduce. It is family portrait time....a great time to get that portrait done so that you have the time to get images for others as holiday gifts. Get those family portrait sessions booked before the end of October.

Welp, gotta go get ready for the first High School senior of the day...yes, I know, I said it is family portrait time but we gotta get finished up with those High School Seniors before school starts so that they have the image for the year book...still time for that, although I only have a couple of open sessions for that at this time...Call us at 763-295-2727.

Oh this is an image of our Bride and Groom last weekend...cute huh? Love the hat!!!!

Keep Smiling

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Time!

Hi, just a quick note: We are off to enjoy some family time today (no wedding) as my brother invited all of us---approximately 40 people to come up and enjoy the day with family with a cook out and just hanging together. What a perfect time to get another updated family photo, huh? Keep that in mind the next time you get together with your family-it is so precious.
What? No image today? Nope, catch ya later.
Keep Smiling

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Alaska Bridal Couple

The gentleman here (the groom) was so relaxed waiting for his Bride to show up via a water arrival, he began to play with the "locals" to keep himself busy. The wedding was beautiful, the weather just great and I believe everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. All of the wedding plans were arranged by a Wedding Consultant of which we were requested to be the photographer for this event. What an honor. A Wedding Consultant depends on you (all vendors) to make him/her look good as the Bride and Groom have hired this consultant to handle all details for them. That makes it very relaxing for the Bride and Groom so that they can just enjoy the day---basically just choose the date to get married, their wedding party and all show up. These are just a couple of the images from the day....of course, too many to share on line with you, although, if you should request us to be your photographer be assured that your images will be on-line for everyone to view after you have passed off the password choosen to view your images. This helps so that everyone no matter where they come from can view the wedding images and order them as they choose-weather they are from CA, FL, NY or overseas---they will be able to enjoy the images as well.

Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Excited couple

This couple is so excited. Their wedding day is coming up soon. S came to pick up her engagement images the other day, and she couldn't contain her excitement of her upcoming day. She will be a beautiful Bride. Her story of how she met D (her hubby to be) is wonderful. I love the hear of stories of how people met. Then I love to hear the story of how the proposal went...don't worry, if it's too intimate, I don't want to know (hee, hee). Love is beautiful, isn't it? Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Detail, Detail, Detail

Photographing your wedding day consists not only of the people surrounding you for your special day, it also includes photographing fine details of the day....your gown and embelishments, table settings, rings, shoes, veil, you name it...we would have captured all the details of your special day. You will want to remember that day, and won't even remember what things looked like after such a busy day. We want you to see images of items you worked so hard at to make your special day just right. So don't fret, we will have captured it for you to cherish for life. Call us and check to see if your wedding date is still available. 763-295-2727.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep Smiling

Monday, August 11, 2008

Always Ready!

People laugh at us because we always carry so much equipment to our weddings. We don't carry a lot of things we don't may be duplication, extra items (just in case), we are comfortable carrying more than we need. Perfect reason this past Saturday photographing a wedding.....FIRE in the church!!!! One of our strobe light actually began to smoke...we didn't miss a beat...grabbed one of the "extra" stobe lights, and within minutes were able to continue photographing beautiful images of the Bride and Groom. You see, you just never know when something will happen. This of course keeps everything going and we don't have to QUIT photographing the wedding like other photographers may have to because they didn't come prepared, or you may get inadequate pictures, because they had to use the flash on their camera.

So here again, keep in mind a Professional Photographer comes prepared, knows lighting, posing and how to have FUN...

The couple featured here today will be receiving their images soon. They were love. She had the "traditional" wedding where he could NOT see her prior to the was beautiful.

Have a great day. I'm going to a photographic seminar today to get some more training in "senior" photography.....

Keep Smiling

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Isn't She Pretty?

Yes, again this is Chloe. She just loves to have fun in the sun as we do! Take a moment today and relax. You deserve it. Enjoy the sun, family, relatives....we're gonna go enjoy a wedding with a couple that we will share an image of in a day or two...take care!

Keep Smiling

Friday, August 8, 2008

Meet Chloe

You all have to meet our son and daughter-in-laws addition to their family. Chloe has grown a lot since joining the family. She is very pretty and enjoyable. She loves to sit on the couch when "mom and dad" aren't watching. When we are around her, we will take her for walks and play with her, so that when we leave, she will certainly miss us. Our Son and Daughter-In-Law really enjoy her, she is very protective and won't let a stranger near which is comforting when needed.

Tomorrow is another wedding which will be a full day event. I will chat with you hopefully on Monday (depending on scheduling conflicts).

Take care and have a great weekend. Enjoy the Olympics.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

WOW! Time flys!!!

I can't believe it's been 7 days since I've last chatted with all my friends. Time flys by so quickly! We have been busy with so many projects and find the days are over before we know it.

Our days start early (about 6am) and end anywhere between 10pm and midnite.

Talk about time flying by quickly....if you know of the student that will be a Senior this upcoming fall, pass our name onto them. We still have time to get their senior session done and would be able to get their year book image to the year book in time!!! The image of the young lady here is artistic and very fun to work with. Let us create something special for your senior student.

Keep Smiling

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy to be with us

This family is very happy that their Dad is able to enjoy a Session to create their Family Portrait. You see, the Dad in this family portrait was on the 35W Bridge a year ago-and lucky to be alive. We received a call from a member of the family about a month after the incident, requesting to have a family portrait created for them. I never knew the importance of this session, until we were photographing the family, then I was told Why the importance of this very special session. I want to remind you all that you never know....please, call us to schedule YOUR family session. Also, if you get a chance, read my story on our web about my "special" portrait'll know why it is important to get that image created, and not wait "til the time is right". I urge you, call!

Have a beautiful day!

Keep Smiling

I know this family is!!!!