Monday, November 24, 2008

Special Events Bring Family Together

We had the pleasure of photographing this family celebrating a 25th Anniversary at a local establishment. It was a surprise gathering of not only a family portrait but for a Special Day. We had a great time with this group. We also did individual groups for this family. It is not too late to get that family portrait for you. Contact us at 763-295-2727 when your family will be gathering. I know that when all of my family is home for the holidays, we will be creating that special portrait as we do every year. We will even photograph during the holidays for you.

Bring that smile with your family.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

How many of you girls/females have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger? It's no wonder this little girl does, with cuddles and kisses, what Daddy wouldn't enjoy those moments? I am fortunate enough to be able to stop by and see my Daddy (and Mommy) to give them a little hug and kiss. They both are still with us on this earth and only live 5 minutes away. There are days that go by, due to our busy schedule, that I don't take an extra few minutes to stop or even make a phone call...then I get "the call" from my Daddy! Take that extra moment to call someone you love, stop by and give that special person a hug or kiss...tell them how special they are to you. You know, you're as special to them! Get that photo of that special someone with you. Call us at 763-295-2727, we'd be happy to accomodate!

Keep Smiling

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those Goldens Days are gone...

You have to admit, the Fall season was beautiful with its colors that Mother Nature supplied us for the season. I hate to admit it, but I think those days are gone by the wayside. The trees are bare, the air is cold, the s_ _ _ is just around the corner. (by the way, the next letter to go in the next line next to the s is n!) Even if the weather is cold, we are still accomodating our family portraiture in the studio. We will be photographing into the December holidays as that is when family is home to visit. This weekend we will be photographing a family for a 25th Anniversary on location. What a great gift to present to family-togetherness and a portrait to go with it. We do go on location with lighting and equipment to capture that image for you. Call us to schedule that session. Have a great day...I have many meetings to get to, as well as meet with great guests at our studio putting their orders in before the holidays.

Keep Smiling

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Portraiture

Our style of Family Portraiture can be most anything you wish....cute huh?

Christmas orders are coming in. If you are a client of ours and want to consider images for gift giving for the Holidays, call us and we can chat. Even if that image was created early in the year! We keep all of your images on file for you, you won't have to do the leg work and "look for a negative", just call us and we can discuss the image you want. Just that easy!!!

Yesterday I ran into a parent of one of our High School Seniors we had photographed this past fall. That parent was so happy she came to us as we put their child to ease. I remember the young lady. She was very quiet, shy and timid, but by the end of the session---we were having fun. I really like hearing that from parents, even months later. Remember, we can create fun and excitment in you us at 763-295-2727.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kids are so Fun!

Today we finished up with another PreSchool, after 3 days. A lot of children, all with their own personalities. It was fun to see each child come in, either shy, excited, scared, timid or just a mind of their own...but I believe the parents will be happy with the image we created for them of their child. We have never had a parent not excited with the image due to the way we can get each child involved with the may take a while for some of the kids, but we "get 'r done". On that note, I have located another PreSchool that just opened up (a month ago) and will go visit with them regarding images of the children. The question will come up, "do you have references" or "testimonials"? and I know all of the PreSchools we have worked with will give great raving references as they like our style and how we can work with the kids....

Have yourself a great evening/day. I just got GREAT news that both of my boys (and their wives) will be home for the holidays----I am sooooo.... excited!!!! We will have a house full of fun with all of our children (3) and their spouses and our grandchildren. Those days will begin on December 19 and continue through the end of the year.

Keep Smiling!!! I AM!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Then comes Baby in the Baby Carriage....

Remember that rhyme?....Bride and Groom sitting in the tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...first comes love, then come marriage, Yep, that's what happens and we love being a part of your family throughout ALL of your married life. Today we were photographing another PreSchool in which we came accross a child from a couple we photographed years ago at their wedding. I can only hope that they will contact us (as they have) for additional "magical moments" of their growing family and lives. Who knows, we may do the Graduation session, hummmm, say in 11 years? Then maybe the wedding?

The image of this little ones toes with the rings says it all. Again, as I said, then comes baby in the baby carriage. We want to be a part of your life. Call us, we love emotion and having fun.

Be back another day...

Keep Smiling