Saturday, May 31, 2008

MORE Storms!!

What's with this weather? Luckily, it just went by us, but we could see the dust storm from the potatoe fields caused by the winds. Heard the sirens, and of course got nervous.
Last weekend the Hail stones created a lot of damage here. We will have to have our siding and roofing redone...just had it done not even 2 years ago. Oh well, we are all safe...hope you are all as safe. Keep those in your prayers from the recent tornados.
We have a Bridal Show to be at on Sunday. That will be an all day affair. I'm looking forward to the show, we have a GREAT special that we offering.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi - Where Ya Been?

Missed ya! The actual question is, "where have I been?" Well, it all started out with a trip (business) to Nashville, then onto Florida in which a wedding photo session was planned, then some relaxation. And boy, did I fact you would think I've still been relaxing since we have been home (2 weeks now), but that is actually not the case. We landed and got home at 1:00am on the 12th, and my first client in the door was at 8:00am. We've been on the go since then. I know, that is no excuse not to chat with you all daily....shame on me! Well guess what, we will stay on track here from this day forward (with a missing in action day here and there). I hope all of you are well. I hope all of you are enjoying the families of your life-the ones you love. Give each other a "real" hug to show it. This is what we love to show in our images we create for you--LOVE and EMOTION-- not to leave out FUN! Images will be seen starting tomarrow. Have yourself a great day- and "welcome back!"
Keep Smiling
P.S. Missed ya all a lot!