Monday, March 31, 2008

B-day weekend!

Ya know??? Sometimes ya just have to take time for yourself. I consider the fact that this weekend was mine due to my B-day!!! I really didn't do a lot...oh yeah, put another wedding album together, which makes me smile remembering how the day went. I also met with a couple of brides so excited to pick up their albums which I had created just the last couple of weeks. Other than that, the weekend was for ME. My wonderful hubby took me out, so I would not have to cook, we relaxed, did a little shopping, my parents stopped by. My children called to wish me a happy B-day...last nite we went out to eat with some friends. Again, just a chill weekend (with a little work in it).

I leave in a few minutes to pick these little guys up (with their parents) from the airport as they spent the last 10 days in Florida. I am so excited to hear their excited voices explain to me the fun they had. Chat tomorrow!!!


Friday, March 28, 2008


This little girl just loved the softness of this boa. She had a good time in our studio as we did with her. She is to turn a year old on the same day as my B-Day, so we have something in common, besides having fun.

Children grow up so quickly. We have packages for you that would fit within your budget. These packages include images of your child throughout many different phases of their life. Please call for details. You won't want to miss out on these precious memories of your child growing up.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home for the Holidays

How can a mother and father NOT be happy when the holidays roll around? I know for a fact that those "moments" are precious. This family had their kids home from college, one from Wisconsin, the other from Hawaii. That is the time to have a family portrait designed. This family have had family portraits done in the past and know the importance of continuing with a family portrait every 2-3 years.

Keep us in mind when the family is together...possibly this summer when the colors are beautiful outdoors. We have lots to offer.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Hope you had a Great Week

Hi all! Been really busy with numerous things with life in general. All of the bunny photos have been delivered to our "hoppy" clients. We had such a terrific time with all of the cute little kids and bunnies. Now on to some other fun and intimate images...

The image attached here is of a client we photographed in the past for her wedding as well as this little lady in waiting for her precious sister...We are all waiting for the special "delivery". When the day comes, we have offered to go to the hospital to photograph the first 48 hours after delivery. Those too are beautiful times. We will keep you posted.

Until then, have a great life and

Keep Smiling!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goin' for a Ride

Even the bunnies enjoy a ride. This little red-head was not only having fun giving the bunnies a ride, but she was celebrating her birthday. It was a great way for mom and dad to get two things done at once, bunny photos and her yearly birthday photo.

I do know, the bunnies were real happy to go for a "ride" back home. They were really busy with our little kids for two (2) days straight.

Have a great springy like day...


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pile High

We had fun with this group of boys. The bunnies even wanted to climb up and pile on the boys too!


Oh Oh.... looks like a little mess to
clean up on aisle 9...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey, Where have I been?

Don't seems a blur! Wow, what a weekend! We had a wonderful time with the kids and the bunnies. I think the bunnies are glad they went home. They played so much with the kids, hiding behind things, kissing them on the cheek, and hugging. The image attached is one of many you will see in the next few days.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Forgive Me?

Wow, yesterday was a busy day getting all I needed together for the busy Bunny Sessions this weekends. Then last nite I went to a meeting in regards to Travel. Who here likes to travel? Would you like to make money, while you travel? Would you like to make money from friends, relatives and neighbors who like to travel? And it costs them no more as you can see our travel prices are comparable if not less than Expedia, Travelocity, etc. Check out our travel space, you can access it right off of our It is just another venture I got into to save all of you and especially our Brides and Grooms some money for their Honeymoons!!!
OK, now with the completion of getting things together for this weekend. I have only 1 (one) opening you want it? Call 763-295-2727
Sorry, no image----how bout this weekend? of kids with bunnies?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Enjoy Your Job?

I LOVE my job, actually, I can't call it a job. Photographing and meeting with people of all sorts with different needs really excites me. I am so excited for photographing children with bunnies this weekend. We are almost booked solid. As of this morning, I have only two (2) openings left. It is a possibility that we may have go into Monday, but I think the bunnies will be too tired to continue. Who knows?

The image here shows me that this woman loves what she does. Who wouldn't? Playing a harp near the ocean. I love music. I really enjoy playing piano when I get the chance. It's been many years since I have played, but they say it's like riding a bike...You never forget. Someday I will find the time. Until I do, guess I will continue to photograph and meet wonderful people like you.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's All about timing

Yes, as you can see with the image attached, we were ready for this shot, we are always ready for "the" shot. You see, you can never go back and capture what was more important to you...

As I say this, I want to remind you to truly think about that Family portrait session. Today I attended a funeral of a dear friend of mine in which her father in law passed away. I can only believe that a family portrait had been done within the past 3 years. I say this as I have known of too many people who say "oh sometime I'll get that portrait done", only to find out that it is too late. Schedule that session with us sometime SOON!

Keep Smiling

Monday, March 3, 2008

Early Morning Riser?

Don't you find that the beginning of the day can either determine if it will be good or bad? I love the mornings (especially if you're by the ocean as this image was taken). The morning, even if I am not a morning person can prove to be very good if you take advantage of it. Have a cup of coffee, chat with the one you spend your life with, or just sit and read a good book (if time permits).

I like to plan my day, with a to-do list for the day, starting with the hardest chore then working down. The best part of a to-do list is actually crossing it off when you complete the chore! I know when I have a client coming over, so I actually plan my day and chores around the client(s). If I don't have a to-do list in front of me...I forget. It helps, really!

Have yourself a great day and life.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Relaxing, feet up

Yup, gotta put my feet up. Today we had a business expo in Big Lake. I was on the committee, which I was there earlier getting things set up with the other organizers. This is a great expo in which other vendors get to show their product. The community loves this event and you could tell by the amount of people that came through!!!

If you are even thinking about photographs with bunnies, you need to call SOON as I have only 8 more available appointments available...unless I carry this over into Monday? Gotta check with the bunnies as to if they would be available to work an extra day. I'll let you know, otherwise call us at 763-295-2727 to schedule that bunny session...

Oh, the image attached is of a beautiful ring of a Bride and Groom that was just awesome to photograph. The colors in the ring also captured the color of light, just different!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Family Portraiture

Yes, you can consider calling even now to schedule your family portrait. It is not too early if you are thinking of a family session this summer. As of yesterday, we had two clients call to schedule sessions during the summer month. We are busy with event photography as well and weddings during the weekends, plus seniors, so really, it is not too early if you want prime time for your family portrait. This is an image of grandparents with the 3 grandkids they have that we photographed last year at their home on location. Fun group and family.