Sunday, March 8, 2009

These Shoes are made for Gettin' Married In

Do you (if you've been married) have the shoes you wore when you were married? I do. Yep, 37 years ago, and I still have them. My Dad walked me up the aisle in them to get married to the man of my life. They are sentimental. No, I will never wear them again, but I have them. Not many people hang onto those. But I know what people hang onto and cherish... your wedding images. After the day the cake is gone, the flowers are dead, the gown and tux are dirty (altho, we will do "Trash the gown"), the cake is eaten, the dinner you had served is eaten..., the only thing you have to cherish are the images that we can create for you in a Designer Album. Call Magic Moments Photography to capture the day. We love photographing weddings. The number is 763-295-2727. We LOVE photographing weddings.
Our photography and meeting people make me happy. I love being with people and making their images special for them. As I have said before....get that special image done. We are there for you.
By the way, for those of you that have followed the last few Blogs, Dad has handled his first treatment ok. I spend at least an hour or two with him a day. You know, it's tough to go through cancer with the one you love, especially when you know the end is sometime near...but you learn to enjoy life to its fullest with that special someone. thanks for the prayers.
Keep Smiling